Create a cartoon of yourself free with Cartoonify

If you searched ‘how to make an animated avatar or make cartoon character’ then this article is only for you. After seeing that many of my Facebook designer friends are using vector cartoon avatar of themselves I also tried it to make a cartoon of myself , and I really cartoon myself in photoshop (fun)

Funny WhatsApp status for Tech Geeks and Bloggers

Okay, we are geeks, we work, we chill, we fun. In this post you’ll find jokes, puns and troll with which every geek and blogger can relate. You can share these jokes with your geeky friends and family. Share ! Laugh ! & Enjoy. We’ve selected soem of the best WhatsApp¬†status which you may like

Bugtroid latest version download

Nowadays we’ve see many people searching for hacking apps but they didn’t get it because there are many fake apps available in playstore. So we’ve researched and we got Bugtroid. Bugtroid is a pentesting app. This app is divided into two parts : Android Pen test and Linux Pentest. This app works for both Rooted